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Playing XSkat in a LAN

There are two alternatives for playing XSkat in a local area network: Using a connection between the participating X11 servers or preferably with a local IRC server.

Variant 1: In a LAN using the X11 servers

Warning: This option should not be selected, if the participating players don't trust each other because screen contents and keyboard input (passwords!) could be read during and after a game.

These are the steps to take:

a) Configure the X servers to listen for connections on port 6000.

The X server has to be started without the option "-nolisten tcp". Sadly this has to be done quite differently depending on OS and display manager.

For SUSE and KDE set DISPLAYMANAGER_XSERVER_TCP_PORT_6000_OPEN to "yes" as root using the /etc/sysconfig editor in yast2 under "Desktop -> Display manager" and execute SuSEconfig afterwards. You may have to comment the line "ServerArgsLocal=-nolisten tcp" in /etc/opt/kde3/share/config/kdm/kdmrc with a "#" at the beginning of this line. Also, there should be no option "-nolisten tcp" in /etc/X11/xdm/Xservers.

For Ubuntu and Gnome change the line "DisallowTCP=true" to "DisallowTCP=false" in /etc/gdm/gdm.conf or use gdmconfig to deactivate the setting "Always disallow TCP connections" for the X server.

Logout and restart the graphical user interface then. If executing the command "netstat -an|grep :6000" gives some output, the X server is listening on port 6000.

b) Disable firewall for port 6000.

If a firewall is protecting against other LAN hosts, at least port 6000 has to be opened.

Don't open ports for connections from the internet!

c) Start an XSkat LAN game.

After starting XSkat press Esc to get the menu and select "Multiplayer mode -> Local game via LAN". One player is supposed to open a game table, the others have to join this table.
Or use the command line on computer1: "xskat player2@IP2:0", where IP2 is the IP address of computer2. With 3 players: "xskat player2@IP2:0 player3@IP3:0". On computer2 and computer3 execute "xhost +IP1" first.

Variant 2: In a LAN using an IRC server

Install and start an IRC server on one computer in the LAN. This server can be used by all the other computers in the LAN to start games and chat.

This has to be done:

a) Install an ircd.

Recommended is the IRC server of IRCnet from the packages ircd or ircd-irc2. The iacd doesn't work right because spaces are swallowed that XSkat needs for the version comparison.

b) Start the IRC server as a service.

With SUSE activate ircd using the "System -> Runlevel Editor" of yast2.

With Ubuntu use the Gnome menu "System -> Administration -> Services" or the "Boot-Up Manager BUM" to activate ircd.

The command "netstat -an|grep :6667" should give some output now. Maybe a firewall has to be disabled for port 6667 like above.

c) Continue as with an IRC game on the internet.

Use the name or IP of the just set up local host instead of that of an IRC server on the internet.

Playing XSkat on the internet using IRC

a) Find an internet relay chat server.

A collection of IRC server lists can be found here:

Important: Select a local IRC server. Using a server in far away countries is often not possible.

b) Start IRC game in XSkat.

After starting XSkat press Esc to get the menu and select "Multiplayer mode -> Internet game via IRC". Enter the name of the IRC server and click "Start". When all players are online, agree on a new IRC channel and go there with a command like "/join #xskat123". Then exactly one player should start the game with "/go" (or "/go2" if only 2 people play).

c) Problem solutions.

If a message like "Nickname is already in use" is displayed after the start, the own login name is already taken and a new one has to be selected. Set the environment variable IRCNICK. Type something like "export IRCNICK=MyNick123" before starting XSkat, or add this line to $HOME/.bashrc and login again.

Before starting XSkat quit all other IRC programs because many IRC servers only allow one connection from one IP address.

Further informations on IRC games can be found in the Man Page.

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